Your natural state is to be pain free, happy, unburdened, and relaxed.

Ever wondered why pain or discomfort (physical and mental/emotional) won’t go away? It might improve temporarily but then recur, or one discomfort resolves itself for another to arise. It’s because the root causes of most of our health and wellbeing challenges aren’t the symptoms themselves, and yet it’s symptoms which are usually given the most attention. When discomfort arises, it serves as a helpful red flag, but usually treating only the symptoms we’re conscious of gives us temporary or superficial relief – if any.

The good news is that anxiety, depression,
fatigue, pain and stress CAN BE resolved
effectively and lastingly.

We all have unhelpful beliefs (usually unconscious) that we carry around, often for years. It is inevitable that it will surface at some point, in the form of physical or mental/emotional symptoms. The good news is that discomfort, pain, anguish, trauma, depression, fatigue etc. can be healed in a lasting way through appropriate treatment and guidance, and we can feel healthy and unburdened. To help clients clear the way to their best, Sally uses several modalities which address the root cause of the discomfort. She discovered most of these modalities through her journey as an international opera singer, dealing with the stresses and strains which go along with that kind of career, and exploring the body/mind/spirit connection in order to sing and perform well (and maintain her own sanity!). They include (but are not limited to):

How often do we truly feel happy, relaxed, empowered and fully ‘well’? We can experience this much more of the time than we give ourselves credit for! Sally considers it her very great privilege to support people like you on their health and wellbeing journey.