About Sally Wilson

Sally Wilson’s fascination for the interconnections between physical and mental health and spiritual evolution began during her childhood on a farm in the Western District of Victoria, Australia, and continued during her ensuing 20-year international operatic career. During her operatic career she studied several Eastern healing arts, constantly experimenting on herself in order to better understand and maximize health – both physical and mental – and to increase self-empowerment and level of consciousness.

Sally moved back to Australia from Europe in 2013 with her husband, Mark Kruger, and taught classical voice at university. It was here that she fully came to understand the overwhelming prevalence of debilitating mental health issues (eg. anxiety, panic attacks, depression, extreme stress etc.), and the impact these issues were having directly and indirectly on the lives of so many of her students. Prompted by this experience, Sally further explored the power of the subconscious mind to heal and to empower, always focusing on addressing dis-ease at its root cause.

She now runs her holistic health & wellbeing practice fulltime from her clinic in Ocean Grove, Victoria, and where appropriate, via video-conferencing nationally and internationally. She also runs workshops on self-healing and practical spirituality, and takes transformation tours – mindfulness and transformation-orientated travel experiences to extraordinary destinations.