Anna – Anxiety, Low Self-esteem

The below text tells the story of Anna* – a recent university graduate, who at 22 years old was suffering from fear, anxiety, stress, low confidence and low self-esteem.

When she came to work with me, Anna had just graduated from Commerce at Melbourne Uni, and was terrified of the prospect of job interviews; somehow getting a job; and just “putting herself out there”. Anna had extremely low self-esteem and lack of confidence, to the point where walking into a social situation on her own was incredibly stressful. She didn’t want to go anywhere, felt negatively about her future and was, in her own words, “anxious, stressed out over nothing”. She simply felt “too scared”.

After our first of three sessions, Anna attended a social engagement at the races and felt calm and confident. After the last of three sessions, she was meeting with people and
happily chatting about job possibilities. Instead of feeling anxious and stressed, she felt (in her own words) “calm, being able to work through stressful times better”; from “low self-
esteem” she was now in a position where she “love[d] myself more and [had] more confidence”. From “not wanting to go anywhere”, she felt “more socially connected and excited to see people”.

Her DASS scores (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale) more than halved, and were even lower when she and I caught up a month after her last session. Her physiology had changed – she even looked different! She was open, smiling, her face was relaxed, she stood tall, relaxed, strong, she spoke with a stronger, more confident voice.

It is the most satisfying thing, to see people, in such a short time, step into who they are, without all the “stuff”.

Hats off to you, Anna. Watch this space!

To hear from Anna herself about this experience, listen here: