Need our ‘normal’ really be ‘normal’?

Feeling stressed, anxious, physically tight and uncomfortable is “normal” for so many people – and I can speak from experience here.

I thought of myself as a pretty aware sort of person, who was reasonably relaxed and easy-going. Hmmm…yeah…until I experienced a lasting feeling of true, profound calm, and realised what I’d been missing.

I had thought that the neck and shoulder tension I experienced was just something that was a part of who I was. After all, I had been told by several reputable health professionals that people with skinny, long necks, like me, often have neck and shoulder tension. There was my belief reinforced, bang, just like that!

I’d deal with it (massage, kinesiology, physio…), and it would recur. Sometimes it’d result in headaches and migraines. And please understand – I was already an experienced practitioner of several healing modalities when I was experiencing this tension. It wasn’t something I thought I could completely kick.

I was wrong.

To become a practitioner of Working with the Subconscious Mind, part of the training involves being taken through the process oneself by an experienced practitioner. Since my first session, I have not experienced that same neck and shoulder tension. It’s simply gone. My system is truly calm. What a gift.

Sure – if I sit with bad posture there’s sometimes discomfort in the muscles, but it’s a completely different feeling. It goes – and it’s something I can take responsibility for.

Ask yourself: “Is there anything about my way of feeling or being that I don’t like?” You might have to dig deep and imagine how you could feel because, after all, we often have nothing to compare our “normal” to.

If your answer is “yes”, then this might be your solution too – just as it was (quite unexpectedly!) for me.

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