Substitute Evolution for Revolution

We’ve heard this concept expressed so many ways.

Gandhi’s is perhaps the most famous quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

“Substitute evolution for revolution” is something David R. Hawkins used to say. It’s the basis for our experience in the world, and yet can seem unattainable or difficult to apply.

It’s not, once you understand the basis of the concept. It’s about Being, not Doing. It’s about the power of being what you want to experience, rather than the force of attempting to force it outside of yourself. It’s not about going out and trying to change the world, because in that approach judgement and lack of humility are inherent.

We cannot effect change by trying to – we can effect change by being it.

If a boss or trainer doesn’t walk her talk, who takes her seriously? If you go to see a doctor who looks ill, will you take their advice seriously?

But it’s more profound than that. Quantum physics shows us that by evolving, and being that which we want to experience, our vibration has a profound effect beyond our physical bodies.

It has an extraordinary ripple effect way beyond our own awareness.

How do you want to experience the world? Ask yourself this, really. (Sometimes we get addicted to drama, glamour, stress etc. How do you really want to experience the world? How badly do you want this? Do you want it badly enough to give up the drama, the stress, the outward blame for your state, for example…?)

If you want to experience peace, choose to remain peaceful. If you want to experience the world as joyful, allow that joy in yourself to bubble up. Simple steps to profound outcomes.

Experiment and let us know of your experiences practising this.