Understanding the effects of your unconscious mind

Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, chronic stress, PTSD (among other things) are all symptoms of your Unconscious Mind believing you are unsafe.

If you have experienced these issues, you’ll know that it’s completely irrelevant what your Conscious Mind thinks and believes (“What’s wrong with me? I know I’m not in danger. Come on, just snap out of it. This is crazy. What is my problem? RELAAAXXXX!”).

Yep, whatever monologue you have going on in your Conscious Mind, whatever you tell yourself, it makes no difference, right? You might have ways of managing and coping – you might take deep breaths, count as you inhale and exhale, get a massage, sniff some lavender, drink booze…you get the idea. These things are short term ways of helping you cope, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you really want to RESOLVE these sorts of issues, you need to convince the Unconscious Mind (or Subconscious Mind) that you are safe, and that
whatever sparked the fear response in the first place (quite likely something that happened before your memory ie. before your hippocampus was properly formed), is OVER.

How does one do this? Well, this is what much of my work with clients is centred around. By harnessing the extraordinary power of the Unconscious Mind, we do what’s like a “factory reset” on the system, communicating to it that you are safe, and the danger has passed.

And what a relief it is, what a different way of living it is, to feel calm, centred, relaxed…